Thursday, April 27, 2006

"I'm Mad,...It's not Fair" -- Ken Lay.

The Department of Justice has launched a new website:

The Enron Exhibits Website will contain publicly released documents, including exhibits entered into evidence by the government and any press releases related to court proceedings. - U.S. Dept. of Justice website

In Lay's hand written notes for his speech he says "True character is born in times of crisis". I guess times of crisis can show off your lack of character as well.

Notes (handwritten) of Kenneth Lay - All Employee Meeting

· Very turbulent (very tough) times
· Expect we still have more to come
· I will do everything I can to turn it around
· I'm mad.
· I'm frustrated
· It’s not fair
· True character is born in times of crisis.
· Need to show our character
· I'm hear till the board throws me out or until we restore Enron to its greatness most of us have experienced.
· Hope you do to. I really need your commitment to Enron and to making it great again.

Enron Trial Exhibits and Releases


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